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PBK Community



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Direct access to Kazy and his power team via the whatsapp group

Connect, network and partner with other investors 

Bi-weekly group sessions with industry experts with the opportunity to ask them your questions directly

Access to exclusive property deals, events and many other resources



Staying Ahead of the Competition by providing access to the latest trends, strategies, and information in the industry.

Networking and building relationships with other professionals in the industry. Opportunities to build a strong network for members to connect and collaborate.

Personal Growth and Development and ability to share and showcase professional projects and accomplishments

Finding New Opportunities with access to new and exclusive investment opportunities, joint venture partnerships, and potential leads to expand and grow your property portfolio

Support Overcoming Challenges in your property development journey with advice and group mentorship from more experienced members

Build a Strong Brand and Reputation in the industry through thought leadership and professional development opportunities

Save Time and Money by learning convenient and cost effective best-practices while still staying informed and connected in the industry.

Staying Motivated and Inspired by other like-minded professionals who share the same vision as you and are equally passionate about property .


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